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I am seeing this a lot as well! It's nearly impossible to make wise diagnostic decisions with so many options. Especially if one comes from a balanced literacy background, how is one supposed to have the expertise to know what to prioritize and what to drop?

Not only is each program bloated with more resources than a teacher could implement in 3 years, s/he also likely has multiple literacy programs to juggle. Certainly students in Tier 2 and 3 are being pulled in multiple directions with 3-5 literacy programs in each school.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to light.

I have been a private dyslexia tutor for 10 years. I knew in 2012 that the public school would not be able to effectively teach my then-second-grade son how to read and spell so I handled the job with the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

I live in the 10th largest school district (Fairfax County, VA) in the U.S. with a budget of more than $1 billion. As a taxpayer, I am appalled by the waste, and even more so, by the utter lack of results. For dyslexics, it is a catastrophe. As the mom of two other nondyslexics, I now know that the reading instruction my oldest and youngest received in public school was subpar. They picked up on the code anyway, but I sure wish I knew then what I do now.

Please keep shining a light on these issues.

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